The art of Belhaven’s brewing process


Belhaven Brewery is one of a kind. As the oldest working brewery in Scotland, we trace our history back more than 300 years. Over the centuries, we’ve developed and maintained an array of traditions and innovations that characterise the Belhaven brewing process. The result is a unique selection of beers bursting with flavour, which reflects the craftsmanship of our brewers both past and present. 

Belhaven Brewery Machinery

Scotland's oldest working brewery

Established all the way back in 1719 by local market gardener, John Johnstone, it didn’t take long for Belhaven to become known around the world. The brewery’s international success even saw the Emperor of Austria declare Belhaven’s beer the ‘burgundy of Scotland.’ Combined with our popularity at home and dedication to Scottish brewing tradition, Belhaven Brewery continues to go from strength to strength after more than three centuries. 

Belhaven Brewery Chimneys

The heart of East Lothian

Belhaven Brewery lies on the east coast of Scotland, surrounded by spectacular natural East Lothian scenery. But our home along the striking North Sea coastline, just a short stroll from a picture-perfect clifftop that overlooks a soft sandy beach, doesn’t just provide us with a scenic backdrop. The local landscapes also contribute to the unique character of Belhaven beers. We use the finest malted barley, as well as our own Belhaven yeast and fresh water from our on-site source. All in all, it’s little wonder we’ve never wanted to leave.

Brewing with passion since 1719

At the core of Belhaven Brewery is our passionate team. From master brewers to dedicated technicians, each member of our team follows in the footsteps of all who’ve come before us. We’re proud to carry forward a brewing tradition that stretches back over 300 years. As well as expertise and dedication to the Scottish brewing heritage that courses through everything we do, we also encourage creativity to keep us moving in the right direction.


Explore our beers

All of our beers are unique and bursting with authentic Scottish character. Blending local ingredients with three centuries of mastering our craft, we brew distinctive beers that we hope you’ll love.


Belhaven Best

As Scotland’s No.1 ale, Belhaven Best is a balanced and refreshing smooth session ale that’s bright amber in colour and easy to drink.


Belhaven Black

Rich and welcoming, Belhaven Black is Scotland’s No.1 stout and promises a deep, smooth and full-bodied pint with hints of roast coffee and sweet chocolate.


Belhaven Scottish Ale

A brew that stays close to the traditions of the medieval monks who founded a local monastery, Belhaven Scottish Ale is a deep copper coloured ale that’s received recognition at the World Beer Awards.

From Belhaven McCallum’s Sweet Scottish Stout to Belhaven Twisted Thistle, our range also includes the award-winning Belhaven Wee Heavy. And don’t miss Belhaven 80 Shilling for a brew that’s deeply rooted in the East of Scotland. 

If you’d like to learn more about Belhaven beers and how they’re made, don’t miss our brewery tours.

Our Brewing Process

All of our beers are brewed here at Belhaven Brewery in Dunbar. Learn more about our brewing process during the Belhaven Visitor Experience.

Belhaven Brewery Machinery

Try our beers

We’re proud of our roots as the oldest working brewery in Scotland. And we hope that you like how we’ve continued the traditions of those who came before us, to produce some of our country’s favourite beers. To experience the results of the Belhaven brewing process, buy our beer to enjoy at home or stock it at your own pub or restaurant.