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Belhaven Brewery Chimneys

Journey into the heart and soul of Scottish brewing with a Belhaven Brewery tour. Whether you’re new to the art of brewing or something of a beer connoisseur already, our brewery tours will take you through more than 300 years of craftsmanship. Learn about our rich heritage, discover how we make our beer and taste our unique beers with a knowledgeable guide on hand to talk you through them. 


Explore Scotland’s oldest working brewery

Lying along the east coast of Scotland in the picturesque town of Dunbar, we trace our history all the way back to 1719. That makes us the oldest working brewery in Scotland, which is something we’re incredibly proud of. On your brewery tour, you’ll find out how we keep our centuries-old traditions alive, while ensuring we move with the times to produce beer that’s consistently flawless. You’ll learn all about our roots, see original buildings and equipment, and hear how our master brewers draw on their expertise to produce award-winning beers loved around the world. 

Belhaven Brewery Machinery

Immerse yourself in the brewing process

No matter if you want to peek behind the curtain of your favourite brewery or a general insight into how beer’s produced, your Belhaven Brewery tour offers an unparalleled glimpse into our brewing process. We’ll show you around all areas of our brewery and talk you through the ingredients and equipment we use. You’ll see how malt is milled and mashed, how water and heat are applied and how we cool, ferment, filter and package our beer. You’ll see how meticulous we are about ensuring we operate to the highest standards and the dedication of our team to produce the perfect brew, every time. 

Taste award-winning Belhaven beers

After spending some time learning all about us and what we do in one of our old cellar areas, The Haven, you’ll make your way to The Monk’s Retreat. At our cosy on-site pub, you’ll taste some of the Belhaven beers you’ve just been hearing about on your journey through the brewery. Armed with your newfound knowledge and with your guide on hand to satisfy your thirst for any more, you can sample favourites like Scotland’s No.1 ale, Belhaven Best, and No.1 stout, Belhaven Black.




What to expect

You can look forward to a fascinating experience on your Belhaven Brewery tour, whether you’re coming on your own or as part of a group. At only £15 per person, our brewery tours last for two hours and cater for up to 10 people. If you’d like to arrange a tour for a larger group, you can call us directly on 01368 869106 between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. 

Online bookings for our brewery tours close 24 hours before they start. We do accept walk-ins, but we can’t guarantee availability so it’s best to ring ahead. And speaking of walking, our Brewhouse has grated flooring, so please don’t wear high heels or shoes with open toes like flip flops. Children aged five and up are welcome to join your tour, but can’t take part in the beer tasting, of course. Likewise designated drivers and carers. Soft drinks are provided for anyone who can’t taste our beer. 

Book your Belhaven brewery tour now

Belhaven Brewery tours offer a unique insight into Scotland’s oldest working brewery. Your journey through more than 300 years of our brewing heritage will provide you with a deep dive into our history and traditions, as well as the modern techniques that make us fit for the 21st century. Book your brewery tour now for an unforgettable experience with great beer at its heart.