Traditional Ales

Traditional Ales

Our traditionally crafted Scottish Ales are brewed to show off the 100% Scottish malt that lies at the heart of every good brew. From rich, smooth 80 Shilling to bright and fruity St Andrews ale to, these beers offer an authentic taste of classic old-school Scottish ales.

80 Shilling Ale Bottle

80 Shilling Ale

  • Historically, the "Shilling" names associated with Scottish ales referred to the wholesale price of a cask
  • 80 Shillings were top-shelf stuff, so we use only the very best Scottish barley malt and finest hops in our 80
  • A rich, smooth ale with notes of toffee and soft fruit
  • StyleScottish Ale
  • ABV3.9%
  • IBU25
  • MaltsPale and Black
  • HopsChallenger, Goldings and Fuggles
  • Formats500ml bottle, cask
  • SightAuburn copper
  • SmellMalty and soft fruits
  • TasteMalty, toffee and soft fruits
St Andrews Ale Bottle

St Andrews Ale

  • Our St Andrews Amber Ale is inspired by that other great Scottish invention, golf
  • Like the game, this beer is all about simplicity and balance
  • This thirst-quenching amber ale is a perfect balance of biscuity malt and fruity and spicy hops
  • Just the thing after a day on the course!
  • StyleAmber Ale
  • ABV4.6%
  • IBU29
  • MaltsPale, Crystal and Black
  • HopsChallenger and Golding
  • Formats500ml bottle, cask
  • SightTawny amber
  • SmellRich malt and fresh hops
  • TasteBiscuity malt, herbal and fruity hops
Robert Burns Ale Bottle

Robert Burns Ale

  • Our tribute to The Bard is a classic, malty Scottish ale
  • Brewed with 100% Scottish barley for a rich, toffee-malty flavour
  • Great with stews, sausages and of course, the perfect accompaniment to haggis
  • StyleBrown Ale
  • ABV4.2%
  • IBU24
  • MaltsPale, Crystal and Black
  • HopsChallenger and Goldings
  • Formats500ml bottle, cask
  • SightChestnut brown
  • SmellFruity, hint of toffee
  • TasteRich sweet toffee, subtle malty finish
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