Craft Beers

Speciality Craft Beers

Our Speciality Craft Beers cover a wide range of styles and each is brewed from the finest ingredients – including 100% Scottish barley malt and the finest hops available – to produce beers that are bursting with flavour and aroma.

Twisted Thistle Bottle

Twisted Thistle IPA

  • Modern, balanced, hop-forward IPA
  • Late hopped with Cascade and Hersbrucker to give a nose-full of citrus grapefruit hops
  • Citrussy hop aroma develops into a mouthwatering juiciness and finishes with a refreshingly bitter bite
  • 100% Scottish barley malt in the mash gives a big, satisfying, full-bodied beer
  • StyleIndia Pale Ale
  • ABV5.6%
  • IBU45
  • Malts100% Scottish Pale and Crystal
  • HopsChallenger, Cascade and Hersbrucker
  • Formats330ml bottle, 500ml bottle, craft keg
  • SightCopper and sparkling
  • SmellGrapefruit zest and gooseberry
  • TasteBold, bitter and juicy
Intergalactic Dry-Hop Lager Bottle

Intergalactic Dry-Hop Lager

  • A fresh, crisp craft lager with bags of aromatic hop character and a clean finish
  • Based on a clean, crisp craft lager for maximum refreshment
  • Dry-hopped with Centennial Columbus and Cascade hops for a bright citrus-spice aroma
  • A burst of citrus hop flavour gives way to a cool crisp lager finish
  • StyleDry-hopped Lager
  • ABV5%
  • IBU30
  • Malts100% Scottish Lager Malt
  • HopsChallenger, Northdown, Centennial, Columbus and Cascade
  • Formats500ml bottle, craft keg
  • SightGolden
  • SmellFruity, hint of toffee
  • TasteRich sweet toffee, subtle malty finish
Speyside Bottle


  • A smooth, full-bodied golden ale from Belhaven, with sweet vanilla oak and subtle whisky notes
  • The malt whiskies of Speyside are world famous for their sweetness and elegance – giving this outstanding beer poise and finesse as well as depth
  • StyleOak-aged golden ale
  • ABV6.5%
  • IBU25
  • Malts100% Scottish pale and Crystal malts
  • HopsChallenger and Goldings
  • AgingWhisky infused oak
  • Formats500ml bottle
  • SightGolden and sparkling
  • SmellVanilla, oak and sherry
  • TasteLayered rich and smooth
Wee Heavy Bottle

Wee Heavy

  • A rich, strong beer showcasing our finest Scottish malted barley
  • Roasted malt sweetness balanced by a spicy fruitiness
  • Complex, full-bodied, sweet, rich, and strong – like Christmas Cake in a glass!
  • StyleWee Heavy Scotch Ale
  • ABV7.4%
  • IBU26
  • MaltsPale and Black
  • HopsChallenger and Goldings
  • Formats330ml bottle, Keg (USA)
  • SightMahogany
  • SmellBiscuit and roast malt
  • TasteRich and full-bodied
Belhaven Scottish Ale Bottle

Belhaven Scottish Ale

  • 100% Scottish malt and finest English hops in perfect balance
  • Smooth, rich and nutty a classically crafted Scottish Ale
  • The ale we've been brewing longest of all, and our best-selling bottled ale worldwide
  • StyleScottish Ale
  • ABV5.0%
  • IBU21
  • Malts100% Scottish pale ale malt
  • HopsChallenger and Goldings
  • Formats330ml bottle, Smoothflow Keg, 440ml can and 500ml bottle (USA)
  • SightDeep ruby
  • SmellMalt and spicy hops
  • TasteNutty, biscuit and smooth
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