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Tartan Takeover of New York

26th April 2016

Belhaven staged a tartan takeover in New York last week as 4,000 people marched in the city’s annual Tartan Day Parade, sponsored by our beer from the Home of Scottish Brewing.

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Bringing Burns to Brooklyn

25th January 2017

Our good friends at the Rookery in Brooklyn NYC will be hosting a raucous Burns night this evening. If you're in New York, get down there for a night of music and song with Belhaven beer specials!

We'll even kick off the poetry for you:


Fair fa your rich smooth creamy taste

Great chieftain o the beer race

Aboon them a you tak your place

And I'm no ravin: 

You're Scotland's best and, by God's grace,

You're from BELHAVEN!


We like to reward perseverance

19th May 2016

If you're really determined, you can click the link below to see the near-famous short Tartan Week vid!


More Tartan Week Fun

19th May 2016

Here isn't a short compilation of some of the fun and games from NY Tartan Week

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